Does Catnip Get Cats High?

If you’re looking for a great treat for your cat, you need not look any further than catnip. The catnip plant has a very stimulating effect on the majority of cats. When in contact with catnip, cats will sniff it, lick, paw it, rub against it, and purr.

They will often become active, running and jumping around and generally having a great time. Cats are very attracted to catnip and have a lot of fun with it, making it the perfect reward for extended episodes of good behavior. Due to this erratic behavior, many people wonder if cat nip gets cats high or not.

Some have wondered about how their cats are affected by catnip, since they exhibit a wide range of behavior, some of which is unusual. There is nothing to be concerned about, though – catnip is a totally harmless stimulant and it will not harm your feline friend. Cats cannot overdose on it, so it is not like a drug – and besides, once they are already within the excited state, they will not be affected by more catnip. It takes at least a few hours for them to be susceptible to another dose. Cats are fine with regular exposure to the plant on a frequent basis. The only concern is that they might build up a tolerance to constant exposure, but this is usually not a concern. It only takes a small amount of catnip to achieve the desirable effects that most felines exhibit, so use this wonderful plant in moderation.

Besides just fun, the plant has practical uses as well. By putting it into catnip toys, it will entice your cat to play more often, keeping it healthy with vigorous exercise. You can get the same effect with chew toys as well, which improve dental hygiene and keep their teeth as strong as possible. It can also be sprayed onto their play posts, such as the Cosmic Alpine Catnip Scratcher Post, which will keep the cats claws confined to scratching at that object and not on furniture legs.

Catnip is available in several forms – ground up leaves, buds, plants, or concentrated oil. Whatever form it is in, all catnip relies upon nepetalactone to cause its stimulating effects. You will usually be able to find a decent supply of catnip for under $10, making it an inexpensive treat that you will get a great deal of use out of. You can purchase it in most grocery stores in your local area, but buying it in bulk online and through pet stores can also be done. Additionally, you can grow your own catnip as well, which can save you money and give yourself a new hobby, too.