Catnip Plant Benefits

One of the most easily understood and popular thoughts about catnip are that cats love it. This is something that nearly everyone knows and understands; catnip is widely enjoyed by the vast majority of felines. Virtually every time someone gives their kitty a dose of catnip, they instantly become much more playful than before, often licking and chewing at the magical green plant.


But despite this being a completely true and non debatable fact, it doesn’t change the fact that the catnip plant has many different uses as well.

If you asked 100 people about the positive benefits of catnip, I am willing to bet that the vast majority of them would reply that it is enjoyed by felines only, completely unaware as to how many positive effects the catnip plant can have on humans. This is the reason why I have written this article on the cat nip plant, to further educate people about this widely unknown subject and to explain the effect of natural plant ingestion.

First and foremost, the catnip plant is used as a toy for cats all over the world, and is the most popular reason for buying the product, by far. The catnip pheromones and scents that the cat nip plant produces and releases are picked up immediately by felines, resulting in them being lured into a state of euphoria. There are a large number of cat lovers in the world who love to spoil their kitties with special little treats, making catnip such a popular type of cat toy.

Despite the fact that shredded up, dried catnip, sold in a sprinkled form, is widely considered to be the most popular form of this plant; the whole catnip plant itself is also a very popular form as well. The main differences between the two are very obvious, with one being ground up in a dried, sprinkled form, and the other resembling a standard plant that needs water, soil and sun to survive. Even with these differences being so obvious, the end result for your feline is the same, they love nipping and pawing at it. It also becomes very obvious to them that the more they slap around and scratch at the plant, the more enjoyable it is for them, so don’t be alarmed or angered if your kitty does his best to tear apart this plant.

While the cat uses for this plant are widely known, many of the other uses of it are not, so I’ll explain it. There are many medicinal uses for the catnip plant, widely enjoyed by many humans around the world. A very popular method of using this plant is to make tea with it, which acts as a stimulant when ingested and can result in reliving the pain of muscle aches, head aches, and even helping out your digestive system positively. In addition to these ailments, it has often been quoted to help stomach gas, edema, as well as providing comfort to tooth aches when chewed on. It is quite obvious that this plant has many redeeming qualities that aren’t exclusive to cats, making it a very sought after plant.

In addition to making catnip plant tea, these plants can also be eaten raw when tossed into salads, providing a very enjoyable taste of mint. The uses of this plant aiding in the kitchen are not limited to tea, however, as many people rub the plant into their meat to add additional flavor to their meals. Many people enjoy the added flavor of catnip, often making many standard meals taste much better than normal. Attempting to grow your own catnip is also a very popular hobby of those with cats, or who simply want to use the catnip for one of the many additional uses that are mentioned above.

In conclusion, these catnip plants offers many different, helpful uses to both felines and humans alike. These added benefits can quickly make many people immediate fans of catnip, despite not owning a cat to buy it for.