Does Catnip Get Cats High?

If you’re looking for a great treat for your cat, you need not look any further than catnip. The catnip plant has a very stimulating effect on the majority of cats. When in contact with catnip, cats will sniff it, lick, paw it, rub against it, and purr.

Interactive Video DVDs For Cats

It should go without saying that one of the most popular types of playtime accessory for a cat is catnip. It is also very well known that catnip is a plant and produces a feeling of physical euphoria for the cat once he sniffs, inhales, and chews on the substance.

Cosmic Alpine Catnip Scratcher Post

One of the best catnip toys that you can purchase for your feline friend is a catnip scratching post. It allows them to enjoy catnip, which is one of their favorite treats, in addition to allowing them to scratch at something and give their claws exercise, which is beneficial to their wellbeing.

Catnip Plant Benefits

One of the most easily understood and popular thoughts about catnip are that cats love it. This is something that nearly everyone knows and understands; catnip is widely enjoyed by the vast majority of felines. Virtually every time someone gives their kitty a dose of catnip, they instantly become much more playful than before, often licking and chewing at the magical green plant.

Catnip Facts You Didn’t Know

Despite the fact that most people only think of felines rolling around on the floor when they hear the word catnip, catnip is actually a highly useful plant with more uses than the aforementioned feline fun. First and foremost, it is a cat attractant – felines love the scent of it, which is something that is very likely that you already knew about this product.

Catnip Oil – Insect Repellent

When people think of the very popular catnip, they immediately think of cats being mesmerized by its mysterious properties and immediately rolling around in excitement. It is very common that the only knowledge the general populace has of catnip is that it is a very fun play toy for their cats to enjoy during their leisure time.

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Catnip is one of the greatest treats you can buy for your cat, because the majority of felines will be physically inclined to enjoy it. It is a naturally grown plant that produces chemicals that make your cat’s senses go crazy, allowing them to enjoy their play time much more so than they otherwise would have.